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Rent BMW 430i Cabrio in Dubai

Type: Cabrio

Horsepower: 254

Engine capacity: 2.0 l

Acceleration 0-100: 6.2 sec

Drive: four-wheel drive

Quantity of Seats: 4

Minimum rental period: 1 day
1.000 AED/270$
Security Deposit:
5 000 AED
Personal Driver:
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Insurance without a deductible for each car
No video or audio recording in the car
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BMW 430i Cabrio
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Rent BMW 430i Cabrio in Dubai

The design of the new BMW 4 Series Convertible has gathered so many changes compared to the same-platform 3 Series sedan, that the Press Service of the Bavarian manufacturer announced that "for the first time in 35 years of its history, BMW convertible cars of the average luxury segment so much distanced from 3 Series sedan".

In particular, specialists from BMW have significantly increased torsional rigidity of the car body and lowered the center of gravity of the car.

Together with practically ideal weight distribution (50:50) and widened front and rear wheel tracks (by 28 and 18 mm respectively), this, as stated in BMW, favorably impacted the steering response of the convertible car.

New 4 Series Convertible also obtained the chassis readjusted with the focus on higher accuracy and transparency of reactions of the car to the driver's actions. The new convertible car can be equipped optionally with a more rigid suspension of М Sport series, electronically controlled shock absorbers, as well as a rear electronic differential lock.